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Saturno Buttò

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Saturno Buttò, born in Venice in 1957, started his exhibition career in 1993, when he published his first monograph titled “portrayed from Saturn: 1989-1992”. Since then he’s exhibited in Italy, Europe and US (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco).
In addition to two other monographs “Works 1993-1999″ and “Martyrologium” (2007), the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome at the recent exhibition has published his latest catalog in chronological order: “Blood is my favorite color” (2012).
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July 15th 2020

2020 Sin and Redemption

... Red, a color that invokes the blood, the pain, the surprise of ecstasy, the purity of fire, the trap of passion. The Saturno's paintings evoke cerimonials where people with
contemporary phisiognomies, they practise debunking rituals inside visionary and esotheric scenographies. And now the blood brust out from bodies, with the necessity to touch the
mystical ecstasy of the flesh at the same way which saint and martyrs have touched the divine elevation through the bodily punishment and the pain to reach their redemption.
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