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DOGMA is an extremely realistic Virtual Reality Art Factory that allows you to attend exhibitions and events exactly as you would in everyday reality. More than 16,000 sqm. which you can access from your PC or with VR Viewer. By exploiting the potential of the Social VR platform "SANSAR" you can create your own completely digital identity and enter our Factory for free.
Dogma: a REAL gallery in a virtual world
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Dogma VR Factory is a VR CULT project

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Our Services

Dogma offers its customers services for the creation of architectures and scenography for the setting up, consulting and communication of virtual events.
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VR Architecture

Design and modeling of environments and buildings, reproduction of real or imaginary architectures.

Virtual Set-up

Staging of both natural and artificial environments and spaces, design of parks and gardens, interior design.


Consulting and organization services for live events, shows and exhibitions, video shooting, staff organization.


Press office, event promotion, social media marketing, blogging and content curation.
who we are

Our Staff

We are a network of digital professionals with over fifteen years of experience and work in the web, entertainment, cinema and television. In virtual worlds since 2007.
01Gianluigi Perrone @ Roman Perrone – PRODUCER
02 Dario Buratti @ Colpo Wexler –  VR BUILD DESIGN
03 Stefano Lazzari @ Stex Auer – VR CONSULTANT
04 Marina Bellini @ Mexi Lane – VR ART DIRECTOR
How the new 360° cinema works

Realtà virtuale

 Dogma VR is a storytelling manifesto developed by Gianluigi Perrone on virtual reality narrative language. Dogma VR envisions the immersive media as a link to subconscious deep perception (pineal gland) in order to create spaces active as portion of sensorial universe. Virtual Reality as a Divine Connection.

Virtual reality (VR) opens the doors to a new audiovisual evolution: through a viewer (headset), those who watch a film can immerse themselves in the narrated story and become an active protagonist: viewers can go where they want with their eyes and participate in the audiovisual experience with all their senses. We are therefore faced with a new narrative medium with great potential. In this book Gianluigi Perrone guides readers, step by step, towards the realization of a 360-degree film: from the construction of the image, without the limits of traditional framing, to the screenplay (or sphereplay), from sequence narration to 360-degree shooting techniques, from digital animation to post-production. Particular attention is also paid to the question of the point of view and subjectivity, which is fundamental to trigger the empathic process that allows the viewer to get excited through a story that is really experienced in first person. Built with a highly practical approach, “Virtual Reality” offers creatives the indispensable tools to transform their narrative into a totalizing and multisensory experience.





A wildness region, largely given over to trees and open trails, ruggedly raised to the south-east, it is otherwise predominantly flat. It is home to three structures: an ancient turret of hewn stone sitting on the shoulder of the south-east hills, a far more recent warehouse-like building sitting within the trees to the west, and a futuristic geodesic dome on the west coast…

Inara Pay


VR Cult

An interesting look at Art in the VR CULT events hub, an experimental space entirely dedicated to virtual events (Art, Design, Fashion, Music) developed on the platform “Project Sansar”. At present, the space is set up as an art gallery in which are currently exhibiting
two Italian artists already known to the public: GUARISO, photographer and MUSANTE, painter and illustrator. Scene and Architecture by Colpo Wexler, Musante Curatorship: Mexi Lane – Musante Fantasy Objects by 3DPlus Design – Music by Franco Galateo


C’è un futuro per le gallerie (virtuali)?

“Va trasmesso meglio al pubblico il concetto di “immersività” perché ne comprenda la differenza” Il Covid19 sta accelerando un processo in atto da una decina d’anni, Le possibilità della virtualizzazione delle gallerie ha strade diverse, tutte da esplorare: eventi crossover fra reale e virtuale, immersività. Ma a fare la differenza saranno anche contenuti e nuovi[…]

Mostre virtuali e pandemia. 5 punti di vista

La parola a cinque protagonisti dell’ambiente virtuale, chiamati a interrogarsi sul ruolo presente e futuro della tecnologia nella fruizione dell’arte. Durante il lockdown musei, istituzioni e gallerie hanno sfruttato le tecnologie digitali, immersive e virtuali per mantenere acceso il dialogo con il pubblico. Ma quali sono le potenzialità e i limiti di questi strumenti? Questo[…]

8 PERSONS IN 1: Intervista a Gianluigi Perrone

La realtà virtuale diventerà parte integrale della vita dell’uomo. Non è un’ipotesi o una speranza professionale, ma un dato di fatto. La realtà virtuale ha una grammatica di linguaggio potenzialmente molto più empatica del cinema. Il cinema è un sogno dal quale ci risvegliamo con i titoli di coda, ma ci rimane dentro. La realtà[…]

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